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Self loading stretcher with Twist system

There can be no doubts: it is not only the importance of this product, but above all the special quality of the Crossover series which defines new parameters for self-loaders. Spencer, once again, demonstrates its competence and its superiority in the market as the producer of stretchers with high levels of quality. The great ambition of Crossover could thus be described as: rich, functional and of an elevated value. The anterior wheels are equipped with the exclusive Twist system. The steering can be varied with just a light touch on the relevant lever. The stretcher can be equipped with a retractable drip carrier, is easy to use and stable, that can be attached to both sides. This is an innovation particularly appreciated during the transport of critically ill patients. But, this is not all, the integrated tank carrier boasts a 10 G certificate, and is stowed in a protected area easy to use and reach. The anterior standing brake is evidence, once again, of how much care Spencer also pays to security during the operations of loading and unloading. The use of polished aluminium and of black nylon as stylistic elements underlines the dynamic character of the Crossover but at the same time is also functional and helps to guarantee durability. The Crossover stretcher is supplied with two straps model STX 702.



If necessary the Crossover can be shortened to guarantee good manageability in limited spaces or small lifts. The trolley system at the front can rotate upwards (automatic blocking system), acting hence as a bumper to protect the patient from bumps when the stretcher hits a wall, or moves downwards.


This mechanism permits the adaptation of the stretcher to the needs of the rescue operation. In order to make getting on and off easier in the case of walking patients or for the elderly, it is sufficient to put the Crossover into the inclined position. When transferring the patient there is the possibility to adjust the stretcher into an intermediate height, modifying at the same time the inclination of the posterior legs, therefore ensuring that the operators do not strain any muscles in transferring the patient from the bed to the stretcher or vice versa.


The anterior wheels if need be, become revolving with the selection of the Twist system, thus optimizing the manageability.


Spencer stretchers are also distinguished by their MBC backrest mechanical regulation system, a real milestone in the technique of blocking systems. A system that guarantees trustworthiness and durability for millions of manoeuvres without having to use any kind of lever and above all allows raising of the backrest even laterally. To reset the level or select intermediate positions you use just one hand to activate the ergonomic handle, placed in a distal position, easily found and at the same time, sustaining the weight.


A clever and unprecedented mechanical system, that interacts with a rack made from the top of the patient surface mould. It assures the use of the anti-shock system in one swift movement, without the need to use compound levers. To reset the level or select intermediate positions you must modify the position of an easily identified lateral lever.

TF configuration

  • Position of the head inclination between 0 and 75 °
  • Position of the anti-shock and Trendelenburg positions between 0 and 10 °
  • Position of the comfort or Fowler position between 0 and 45 °

Compliance Suspension effect

Spencer has developed a new concept of suspension; the SCS system (Spencer Compliance Suspension), that represents an important step forward in the field of passive suspension construction. SCS differentiates itself from the traditional approach by the way in which it generates movement of the suspension under load. In fact, it uses a simple arm with particular properties of rigidity which allow the arm itself to guarantee its traditional structural role and also to make an important contribution to the movement of the suspension when under load. No matter what the kind of surface, the special curved shaping of the legs modify immediately the softening effect of each wheel. The result of this integration of functions is a system that can guarantee a high level of comfort and safety without the complexities and high costs normally associated with an equivalent performance. Among the improved characteristics, the most significant is the lengthwise flexibility of the suspension, which is fundamental in the creation of high levels of comfort.


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  • Length: 1970 mm
  • Shortened length: 1650 mm
  • Width: 570 mm
  • Weight: 45 kg
  • Load capacity: 250 kg
  • Wheels: 200 mm, front and rear autodirectional
  • Brakes: posterior
  • Loading height: from 520 to 700 mm
  • Reclining sidebars - Length: 680 mm
  • Reclining sidebars - Height: 200 mm
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